Amazon Conversion Rate (CVR)

Conversion rate or CVR is defined as how quickly customers complete specific actions after clicking on an ad. Conversion goals depends on campaigns intent.

Your conversion rate (CVR) measures how quickly customers complete specific actions after clicking on an ad. These actions include adding an item to the cart or completing a purchase. Your Amazon conversion rate is found under Reports > Business Reports. Under “Sales and Traffic,” you will see “Order Session Percentage,” another way to describe CVR.

Calculate CVR by dividing the number of orders by the number of visits. For instance, if you get 300 clicks on an ad that result in 10 sales, the CVR would be (10/300) * 100 = 3%.

Average CVR rates differ greatly depending on the product category. It’s crucial that you are aware of average CVRs for your market so that you can assess your success properly in the context of other businesses in your field.

What Are Amazon Conversion Rates— and Why’s It Important?

CVR matters as a metric because:

  • It shows you whether people are clicking on your ad but do not follow through with a purchase.
  • It will determine your ad’s ranking.

CVR gives you an idea of how many people lose interest in your product after clicking on your ad. While your ads might be effective, your listing pages might not be. 

Also, having an excellent CVR will help you improve your ad’s ranking. Amazon uses this ranking to determine how your ad will be displayed.

What Is a Good Amazon PPC Conversion Rate?

CVR’s differ depending on product category. If you think your CVR is particularly low for your category, there are a few ways you can try to improve the figure. 

Something you can do is lower the price of your product. One reason that shoppers click an ad but fail to make a purchase is that the price is too high compared to other similar products.

You could also try rewriting your product description to make it more enticing to shoppers. Study up on keyword strategies, such as negative keyword targeting, to ensure that only interested buyers end up on your listing.

Your Amazon PPC average conversion rate will depend on the types of products you’re selling, what keywords you are bidding on, the quality of your advertising copy, and other factors that influence the buying process. 

Finally, you could try encouraging previous shoppers to leave reviews to improve your product’s rating.