Negative ASIN Targeting with Smart Auto Targeting campaigns

RevenueWize offers a smart replacement for the Substitutes and Complements camapaigns allowing Negative ASIN Targeting and dedictaed ASIN bidding

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RevenueWize Smart Auto Targeting campaigns are an improved version of the auto Substitutes and Complements campaigns. Allowing us to perform Negative ASIN Targeting and overcome the main challenges traditional auto campaigns pose:

  1. Negative ASIN Targeting
    When we run a Substitutes or Complements campaign Amazon doesn’t allow us to add an ASIN to negative even when it is under performing. We are basically “stuck” with the ASIN no matter how bad it is performing. There are different workarounds which all come at a price but do not really solve this issue.
  2. Individual ASIN bidding
    Substitutes or Complements campaigns have a single bid for all the ASINs they include. What if some ASINs require a higher bid to receive impressions? There is not a way to set a unique bid for specific ASINs. It’s true we can copy an ASIN to manual targeting and raise its bid, but it requires a lot of time and work when there are many ASINs.
Negative ASIN Targeting with Smart Auto Targeting campaigns

The Solution

RevenueWize’s Smart Auto Targeting campaigns are auto campaigns built as manual campaigns allowing us Negative ASIN Targeting and setting the Amazon suggested bid for each of the ASINs to achieve its full potential.

How Does It Work?

Through Amazon’s API, RevenueWize harnesses the same discovery engine Amazon uses for its Substitutes and Complements campaigns to create a mirror of it in a manual state.

The result is a manual campaign that continuously adds new recommended ASINs and allows us to set them a unique bid and pause those which are under performing!
Important: ASINs which are already manually targeted are filtered to prevent from duplicates.


A Substitutes campaign includes 6 ASINs. Our Target ACOS is 25%.

Example of a Substitutes campaign

2 of the ASINs have an ACOS above our target and are generating losses. We cannot negative them and reducing the bid will reduce it for all other ASINs in the group which we don’t want.

2 of the ASINs are not receiving traffic due to their bid not being high enough. If we increase the bid it will impact the other ASINs which might result in further losses to some of them.

This is how it looks in RevenueWize’s Smart Auto campaign

Example of RevenueWize Smart Auto campaign

2 of the ASINs which are above our Target ACOS can be paused or can have their bid reduced.

2 of the ASINs which previously weren’t receiving traffic had their bids set to the Amazon suggested and are currently receiving traffic.


The RevenueWize Smart Auto Targeting campaign successfully replaces the substitutes and complements campaigns as it provides better results, gives us more flexibility and performs more effectively.

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