Setting Your Listing Page

The listings tab includes the items that are currently being promoted in the account

It includes general information such as the ASIN, title and price of every listing.

In addition you will find here the fees which the system calculates automatically based on the Amazon Fulfillment Calculator

An estimated ACOS which can be used as a reference for setting your target ACOS

The cost of your item including shipping costs which is something you will need to provide

Once the cost is provided the Break-even ACOS is automatically calculated

Last but not least is the Target ACOS which you are required to enter. Please note that all of the recommendations are based on the target ACOS which is why it is important you set it up correctly to reflect your strategy.

We’ve created a guide for setting your target ACOS which can be viewed by clicking on the “how to” button.

Editing the information is done by selecting the “edit product details”

Editing the cost or the target ACOS, selecting apply will take immediate effect on the system recommendations