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Amazon Advertising Management
Amazon Analytics Tool
Placements Optimization
Amazon Keyword Tool
Impression Boosting
Amazon Advertising Management

Optimize Amazon advertising bids to achieve your Target ACOS.

The Ads Management Tool uses AI-based algorithms that recommend the optimal bid to achieve your Target ACoS.

The algorithms take into account your Target ACOS and history to calculate the optimal bid. You can adopt them one by one or in bulk.

We help you achieve your Target ACOS!

Amazon Advertising Management - RevenueWize

Amazon Analytics Tool

PPC Analytics for Amazon

Our powerful dashboards help you understand exactly how every dollar of your amazon budget is spent and highlights the areas that require your attention for achieving optimal results.

Everything you need to make informed decisions and improve your PPC performance in one place!

Amazon Analytics Tool - RevenueWize

Placements Optimization

Optimize Placements to Increase Sales

RevenueWize analyzes your amazon campaign placements performance and helps identify where you should increase opportunities for optimizing them and increasing your sales at a low ACOS

Optimizing your placements was never so easy!

Placements Optimization - RevenueWize

Amazon Keyword Tool

Keywords to Boost your Advertising

Our Keyword Research Tool continuously analyzes your account and automatically identifies relevant missing keywords to boost your sales and profits.

It also identifies relevant competitor ASINs you should target to capture sales from your competition.

Never miss a relevant keyword or ASIN again!

Amazon Keyword Tool - RevenueWize

Impression Boosting

Reboost Keywords without Impressions

Review and Boost keywords that stopped receiving impressions due to a bid change.

Never miss an instance where a bid reduction resulted in a drastic loss of impressions and sales.

Don’t miss opportunities to increase your sales and profit!

Impression Boosting - RevenueWize

Amazon Analytics Tool Supporting our Clients Growth


Amazon PPC Management Tool to Simplify Your PPC Experience

Simple to use
Intuitive and easy to use – you’ll be able to start immediately and achieve results fast
Saves time
Reduce the time you spend optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns
Full Control
Actions occur only upon your approval – automation won’t harm your performance
No Campaign Overrides
No automated creation of new campaigns, ad groups, or keywords – your campaign structure remains untouched
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In just a few weeks, we saw a definite
improvement in ROAS and profitability
Jonathan Album
“This is a user friendly tool that’s
enabled us to quickly and easily
identify key opportunities to
improve our Sponsored Product
campaigns and monitor their
success. In just a few weeks, we saw
a definite improvement in ROAS
and profitability.”
The results are incredible, with
an outstanding ROAS
Eyal Keren
Keren Media
“RevenueWize has proven to be a highly
effective tool for Amazon
PPC management. The results are
incredible, with an outstanding
ROAS. I’m now fully on top of my
campaigns – it’s a must for any
Amazon seller who’s serious about
Sponsored Product Ads.”
The solution helped us improve
our ACOS and increase profitability
Efrat Shavit
7 Figure Amazon Seller
“In the past, we’ve used different
automated solutions to optimize
our ad spend, but most of them
resulted in a loss of impressions
and sales – at a high cost. We never
felt in control until we started using
RevenueWize. Thanks to
RevenueWize, we’re able to regain
control over our ad spend. The
solution helped us improve our
ACOS and increase profitability.”

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